I Found Kevin to be very helpful throughout my time learning with him.  I liked the way he tries to understand you and how you work so he can adapt and ensure that you gain the most out of your lessons with him.

My previous instructors were to the point and never really seemed to take the time to get to know you.  I felt that Kevin adapted the lessons to suit me and could tell if I was having an off day so would switch the lesson to something that didn’t require as much concentration but was still teaching me something I needed to know so it wasn’t a complete waste. I would definitely recommend Kevin to others and have been from day one as I feel he is the best instructor I have come across.  I was learning to drive on and off for ten years!!  I feel he did an excellent job at teaching me and am very grateful that he has allowed me to finally have my freedom.  Thanks for everything.  See you on the road!!



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