I liked the way Kevin did a recap at the beginning of each lesson and asked what i felt i needed more work on from the lesson before, and I also like how I knew what I would be doing in my next lesson because we planned it at the end of the lesson before. Also if I did something wrong or didn’t feel confident on something then Kevin would ask me why I feel it went wrong and what was making me not feel confident, then also how I think the best way to improve it would be because obviously everyone learns differently. We also did work on the test routes as well as other places which made me feel much more confident when it came to my test.

I would recommend Kevin because I felt like everything we did was suited to me and not just something that might work for other people, I also felt like he was dedicated to getting me to pass and also in the time length that I wanted to. He was very friendly, we had great laughs and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons ๐Ÿ™‚

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