The cockpit drill

The cockpit drill sounds like were are setting off to go to outer space but when driving a car it is the drill when the driver sets up their driving position to reach and operate all the cars controls effectively.

Doors: Make sure all the doors are closed giving them a pull, both driver’s side and passenger’s side, the passenger can help with the passenger door.  Also you can use the door mirror to check the door is flush with the body of the car.  Pay special attention to exiting the car driver’s side, a look over your shoulder and in the door mirror for traffic is essential.

Seat:  adjusting the seat up or down so that you have a good view of the road ahead, adjusted the seat in/out so that when the clutch is fully down there is a slight bend in the leg.  Adjust the back rest so that when the shoulder blades are on the back rest you can extend the arms out straight so that the wrists reach the top of the wheel and this should result in a good bend in the arm when passing your hands round the wheel.  With the head restraint the rigid part should be in line with the top of your ears and eyes and as close to the back of the head as possible to prevent injury in an advent of a crash

Steering:  adjust the steering mechanism to position the steering wheel in an ideal positon for you to drive.

Seatbelt:  When putting on your seatbelt make sure it is not twisted, it is also the driver’s responsibility for anyone else in the car under the age of 14 years old.  Over 14 years of Age it is there responsibility.

Mirrors:  Adjust the centre mirror (Flat mirror) with your left hand keeping in your diving position trying not to put finger prints on the glass so that you can see pretty much all of the back window like you are framing it.  The door mirrors which are convex so meaning they are bent and show the objects appear smaller and further away can be split into three thirds.  Horizontally one third should be of the side of your vehicle and vertically there should be two thirds of the road and one third sky.

This is a general order of doing the cockpit drill but the only important order is that the seat done before the mirrors otherwise the mirrors would be potentially on correct.



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