Roundabouts were designed to keep the traffic flow going in more congested or busier areas, they are often in an area that is open and where the driver is able to see quite early if there are road users approaching and if the roundabout is busy or relatively clear.   So on approach to a roundabout use the MSPSL routine, check your mirrors, signal if needed, position the vehicle correctly and early if possible,  adjust your speed and gear on the approach to the roundabout and look for gaps in the traffic flow to enter the roundabout safely and at the earliest opportunity.

Early assessment of the roundabout using LADA, look, assess, decide, act may allow for you to keep the flow going and also to time your arrival (ETA) at the roundabout to coincide with a gap in the traffic which is all done by slowing down to a reasonable speed to observe but also to keep a reasonable flow going, planning and selecting an appropriate gear in plenty of time whilst observing early for chances to go on to the roundabout.

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