When I first took lessons it was 8 years ago and the experience i had was so awful it put me off. I had no confidence with driving and assumed all instructiors would be the same. I decided with my 4th child on the way it was time to bite the bullet! Kevin was recommended to me by a friend who had recently passed her test with him, and he also was able to offer me really good payment schemes and packages. Kevin was able to reassure me, he gave me the confidence in myself to realise my potential and found the best way to teach ME and put together suitable lessons to suit my needs, fill the gaps, give me the tools and information tailored to me. I felt each lesson was created purely for me and my needs, not just a generic lesson. And of course, always had a polo mint ready for when i had a ‘moment’ !

Kevin kept all lessons well documented, only the things that needed to be repeated were, and we swiftly moved through all the necessary procedures. Kevin was able to adapt himself to suit my needs, he had hand outs and drawings available to assist when i didn’t understand something well, he explained everything and gave demonstrations where needed. He never raised his voice, or got frustrated, and continued to work with my best interests at heart. His lessons were timed and booked to suit my needs and family, which was brilliant.

I already have recommended him! He really was brilliant and I am very thankful to have put my trust him him, he made me have faith in myself and now its made such a difference to my family life. Thanks Kevin.

Kate Brett


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