There are six ways that we can communicate with other road users.  These signals are essential for communications and for safety.   Many of them are often underused or used in inappropriate situations.

  1. Flashing headlights
    so we all know that most drivers will use these to let a car out of a junction etc but the real reason should be to warn other people of your presence. It might be if they haven’t seen you, it may be at night time going over a bridge or possibly to warn people of a hazard that you have just passed such as horses in the road.
  2. Using the horn
    Again rather that in anger directed at another road user, use it to warn people of your presence. It could be someone reversing out of a drive way and they haven’t seen you or a pedestrian just about to cross the road you can use your horn to warn them
  3. Indicators
    Use these in plenty of time and correctly, too late can be frustrating for people wanting to emerge form junctions, too early could mislead people especially if ther are other side road before your intended turn.
  4. Brake lights
    using these early can help people to respond early to hazards. Sometimes just dab on the brakes to activate them can be good to give people plenty of time to respond.
  5. Hazard warning lights
    these are to be used in an emergency, if there is a hazard in the road they can warn other road users of it.
  6. Fog lights
    Fog lights can again provide safety to you and other road users, with visibility less than 100m they can be used.


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